Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It Takes Me Back...


I'm pretty sure every year in elementary school I made a shoebox diorama. It was seriously the highlight of the year! I loved making dioramas! I even got to make one in college for an elementary education art class! Super fun!! I began to think (in my second-ish year of teaching) that I've never made shoebox dioramas with my almost second graders! How could this be?

A few weeks ago we studied plants around the world. I knew I wanted my students to have the same fun as I did growing up, so each student got to make their very own diorama! The kids had the chance to chose their own biome and read books about them.  This little girl chose the desert. Here she is with her clipboard taking notes about things found in a desert.

After a little bit of research, the kids had the chance to start getting creative!!

I'm pretty sure someone got a little "cotton crazy" in the tundra. Can you see the cotton all over my new glue stick. Good times.... :)

The kids enjoyed adding sand to their desert! I just love this little one's cactus!

More desert. The Nike orange fits right in!

I loved watching my kids create something new! Their creative juices flowed for 45 minutes over a 3 day period. We study science at the end of the day, and all day the kids would ask, "Is it time to work on our shoe boxes?" LOVE IT!! I'd love to make these again! Does anyone else create these with their students? If so, I'd love some suggestions on how you fit it into your curriculum!!

Wish Miss Griffin and I luck on our field trip tomorrow!!!!


  1. I did those when I taught 2nd grade! One of my favorite things we did with them was kind of like what I do with sticker stories now. They created a scene, and then wrote a story about it. It was one of my enrichment activities and I think we worked on them for one afternoon a week for about a MILLION weeks.

    That was a great idea for the biomes!

    And I wish us LOTS of luck tomorrow with the mud and porta-potties. And my boot.

  2. We do diaramas the last week of school when there is really no more curriculum to cover. We do Dinosaur diaramas and I just do a 3 day unit on Fossils and 3 kinds of dinos. Then I give them a sheet of dino cut outs, tree cut outs etc. and colored paper and they go to town. They even have a flying pteradactyl hanging on string. They turn out really cute and just for fun.