Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What We Love Wednesdays-Wildlife

What a wonderful day!!

Miss Griffin and I had so much fun on our field trip to the Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch that we had to tell everyone about it!! It was seriously the best field trip I've ever been on! The place was very organized and clean! The animals were super cute! The kids had a blast! What else could we ask for?

When we first arrived to the ranch (after our over and hour bus ride and millions of "are we there yets") the entire first grade was split by classes. This was great because our entire class got to stay together for the entire day! The first two classes toured the lemurs and kangaroos while the other two classes toured the ranch on safari! The kids even got the chance to pet a lemur and baby kangaroo! Super fun!

The safari was by far my favorite part of the trip! We rode a train/tram throughout the ranch. The coolest thing ever was that there were feed buckets attached to the sides of the tram. While we were driving through, animals walked right up next to us. The driver would stop the tram and allow the kiddos to pet the animals. During this part of the tour my kiddos got to pet horses, donkeys, zedonks (say what?) and camels. The kids loved this part! There were so many smiles and constant laughter on the tram ride! Everyone loved it!!

The field trip far exceeded my expectations. At first I was a little nervous taking almost 90 first graders on an hour bus ride. The bus ride was a bit far but definitely worth every mile! If you live in north Texas check out the Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch! They are open on Saturdays to the public and I've already talked Mr. Claborn into heading on up one weekend!

Here are a few pictures of our trip...

This is the Zedonk. Don't you just love the legs?

Me on safari!! I LOVE horses!! 


  1. adorable. I like your blog. Go first grade awesomeness!!!! =)