Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This afternoon my principal called me into her office to share some news about next school year. She informed me that I would be moving to second grade next year. I was a bit shocked that it happened but was not completely surprised. I had a gut feeling all school year that I'd be moved somewhere besides first grade.
I student taught in the second grade and loved every minute of it, so that I am excited about. I really enjoyed second grade and feel I can be very happy there. I also have a great team to work with next year, which will make the move easier. I am 100% bummed about moving away from my amazing teammates, especially Miss Griffin! We have had such a great time this year coming up with new things to do for our kiddos! I'm pretty sure at some point in time we were having more fun than the kids! I am also bummed about moving into a much smaller classroom. I really need to start working on organizing things for next year to save space! Any creative ideas from teachers limited on space?
I really want to use the end of this post to thank all the wonderful first grade teachers out there in "blog world". You ladies are so amazing and have really given me tons of ideas for this year! This past year has by far been the greatest year since I started teaching a few years ago. I promise I will still check-in stalk these wonderful blogs you all have!
I will still keep burstoffirst going strong, hoping that many of my ideas cross over to first grade enrichment/differentiation. If anyone knows of any second grade blogs please let me know!!
Have a great night everyone!! Only 6 more days!!


  1. Good luck to you. I know there are many teachers in your shoes this year. Budgets are tight and that always means a lot of movement. I'm not sure if I'll be staying in first grade next year either. Our kindergarten program, which is currently full-day, is being cut to half day. That of course means half of all the kindergarten teachers in my district will be moved around. Good luck to you in 2nd. I taught 2nd for the past 5 years before moving to 1st this year, and I enjoyed that grade too.
    First Grade is Fantabulous!

  2. Welcome to second grade. You should check into looping with you class. It's truly an amazing experience. The kids have a lot to learn in first grade and is very rewarding when the year ends. You will be blown away by the maturity of your second graders and their ability to be independent from the start.

    Primary Graffiti

  3. I was wondering if you were going to post tonight. I know you will be an amazing second grade teacher. We're going to miss you on B hallway... But I am going to enjoy taking over your giant room hehehe :) Embrace your new adventure and keep an open mind. I think you will LOVE second grade. And we'll still be co-workers and write what we love Wednesdays... don't think you're rid of me yet.

  4. Goodluck with your move to 2nd grade!


  5. Hey!! You will love 2nd grade-- I teach 2nd grade here in Round Rock! Here is a great 2nd grade message board for 2nd grade is filled with tons of ideas and teachers post their blogs on here. I have gotten so many ideas and activities from this site...

    Let me know if you need anything!

  6. Good Luck in Second Grade ! I found this great resource to help you in your journey. Thank you for sharing all your great ideas. Here is a list of some second grade blogs out there. I know there will be plenty more.

    Hope this gives you a good start.